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The following wiSource Think Tank Labs currently explore business use cases in:

Explorations Of Business Use Cases

We are in the early stages of designing a better innovation network focused on understanding the Use Cases that demand New Solutions. 

Our network of highly specialized elite experts and executives’ leaders form the basis of the wiSource Innovation Think Tank.

wiSource Innovation Think Tank

The wiSource Innovation Think Tank bring together consummate experts in several areas of real-world business processes to explore and define specific use-cases where solutions have been poorly applied, poorly developed, or where they simply do not exist. Our wiSource Groups & Labs offer forums for exploration of critical-path business needs and then research into available choices.

In many cases no solution choices are available to best fit the specifics of these business use cases. In these cases our wiSource Think Tank brings together potential solution providers with our Think Tank teams to explore potential best-fit solutions, if they exist, and in many cases where they have not existed work with industry partners to develop new solutions.

wiSource Innovation Think Tank Labs

Our wiSource Innovation Think Tank Groups & Labs provide world-class focus and people working together around a specific industry problem set to seek best in class solutions to difficult problems. It brings together highly qualified expertise in diverse specialists within an industry or related subject matter to seek the missing pieces to solve complex business puzzles.  wiSource brings the right combination of people together from across the country to identify unique business use caseas, permit thorough understanding of potential approaches and the identification or development of ideal solutions to industry-specific problems.  Our Groups or Labs explore and develop best practices for maximum ROI and form outreach programs to help the business community become aware of these solutions.

Our Groups and Labs are staffed by invitation-only participants who are widely recognized as reliable sources of specific knowledge in the industries they serve.

wiSource Payments Lab
wiSource AI Lab
wiSource Corporate Finance Lab
wiSource Data Science Lab
wiSource Corporate Venture Lab

Solution Outreach

Once a new business use case solution has been identified, our wiSource Innovation Think Tank helps develop awareness for a solution by reaching out to industry and helping corporate enterprise executives fully understand the scope of the solution and how it will affect their business. At which point the solution partners will be brought in to support the enterprise with the specifics and application in their business.

This unique outreach approach to solution architecture enables busy executives to cut through the sale chatter and focus on the core value proposition with thought leaders in the specific industry segment. This saves time and energy by gaining access to focused curated and vetted expertise when the enterprise needs it. Our unique Think Tank model provide quick access to our identified and developed solutions and is the key to saving valuable time and energy. Our curated protocol allows for access without having to worry about overreaching or being continuously approached by shotgun sales people. We have created the perfect balance of access, knowledge, and benefits for incredibly discerning executives.

wiSource Innovation Think Tank Labs

The wiSource Think Tank is developing a series of Labs to identify, curate, and develop unique “Best in Industry” classes of products and services based upon our identified mission-critical use cases to offer to their customers and members.

Each wiSource Lab will focus on a specific industry segment in the identification of specific challenges to business in that segment and to the identification and deployment of solutions. Many of these solutions will only be available through the Lap because they were developed specifically by the Think Tank members for other members and participants.