The Payments Lab
A wiSource Research Section

Payments Research & Product Design

The Payments Lab at the wiSource Innovation Think Tank for Leading Executives brings together the industry’s top service providers and subject matter experts.  Together we discuss new trends in payments and how they will affect companies in the immediate future. We also come together and create an elite consultancy for member companies’ benefit.  Top executives from the largest payment issuers and acquirers help companies understand new trends and the best way to optimize their payment process. Our group helps mid-size and large privately and publicly held companies extract the most value from their payment ecosystems. We save our clients time and valuable resources, effectively reducing their operational costs and increasing their top-line revenue.

Membership and participation in this is by invitation only

The Payments Lab is restricted to industry veterans with documented accomplishments and tenured positions within their organization.  Members are invited from academia, advisory groups, and top service providers. The lab also consists of several participating executive members who provide input and valuable insights.

Payments Lab Market Intelligence Analysis & Focus Areas

  • Payments Strategy 2020
  • Payments Infrastructure and Evolution
  • Driving Efficiency and Time Savings in Payments
  • Contactless and Wearables Payment Devices
  • Cross Border Payments Using Blockchain
  • Surcharging in The B2b Payments Environment
  • Instant ACH Payments
  • End to End Accounts Payables including OCR
  • End to End Accounts Receivables & Full Integrations
  • Integration Technology and Streamline Payments
  • Payment Ecosystems
  • Batch Processing Evolution into Instant Processing
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Authentication Models – Simpler and Stronger Methods
  • Integrated Payables
  • ePayables

Trucking Industry Surcharging Adoption

The U.S. trucking industry provides vital services to power the commerce of the country. It operates on thin margins and frequently cash-flow constrained by its receivables. Implementing expanded payment options that include credit card payments improve choices for their customers, while enhancing cash flow, but it comes at a cost in the form of processing fees. By adopting surcharging, enterprises can eliminate the processing fees and the margin reduction that comes with it, while still gaining the benefits of expanded payment options and choice for their customers. Most customer gladly use payment cards because of the upstream benefits to their own cash flow and liquidity. This makes surcharging a win for both the industry and their customers.

SaaS & Cloud-based Business Surcharging

Cloud-based and subscription SaaS business do most of their billing using credit or payment card platforms. In a time of tightening margins reducing operating costs can be critical to these businesses. Adopting fully compliant surcharging offers a fast and effective solution of processing fee cost elimination for credit card payment. Customer benefit from an expanded set of payment choices that can be provided, which the business benefits from the elimination of credit card processing fees. This approach has been fully embraced by SaaS, Cloud, and major hosting companies.