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“GPO Supply Chain Ecosystem Innovation Starts With Responsibility”

Group Purchasing Organization Advisory Services

Building sustainable and ethical supply chains helps GPO’s access socially responsible suppliers and manufactures.

Our GPO insights Service –  is a program that is not just a means for generating positive returns, but also a means for promoting Socially Responsible Purchasing in meaningful sustainable quantities.

We help foster a socially responsible Eco-System while pushing the boundaries of ethical supply chains. We do this true corporate social responsibility consulting and advice that helps our clients go from a “nice to have” to a compliance requirement, as has become the norm in the last several years. The supply chain cannot be divorced from corporate social responsibility (CSR) concerns about the environment, health, and safety and we help business achieve these goals.

U.S. companies have an increasingly ethical responsibility that isn’t constrained by geographic and political borders, or even cultural traditions. It has been a sobering experience to put that notion into effect in countries that do not share the United States’ affinity for regulation and compliance. We provide initial research and guidance on new suppliers entering the marketplace. Our SME’s in several markets and regulatory compliance agencies keep us informed allowing us to connect clients and experts in meaningful ways. When we poll suppliers we continually ask for certifications and compliance records. GPO’s can utilize us for specific segment research to conduct a early stage investigation on sustainable and ethical suppliers

Supplier Compliance Assistance and Guidance

An entire cottage industry of auditors and consultants has emerged to advise manufacturers on the numerous regulatory efforts in place or on the horizon, and virtually every industry sector has its own “green” initiatives and causes (e.g., free range, conflict-free minerals, Fairtrade, LEED, etc.). Companies are expected to be able to track the carbon footprint not only of their own manufacturing activities, but also their transportation, distribution and procurement activities, while monitoring the related activities of their extended supply chains as well. They’re also expected to adhere to diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices.

We can help bring this all together.