Centers of Excellence
wiSource Industry Focus

A Vision of Excellence

We are designing a better innovation network.  A network of highly specialized elite experts and executives’ leaders who can benefit from knowing each other at precisely the right time.

Center of Excellence Concept

Each Center is a concept encompasses many world-class elements and people working together around a specific industry sector to seek best in-class solutions to difficult challenges. They are also a magnet for highly qualified expertise or a community of like-minded specialists within an industry.  We bring the right combination of people together from across the country to identify unique approaches and solutions to industry-specific problems.  Each Center provides leadership, best practices, and direct access to our Labs where research is being conducted and solutions studied continuously.

Our invitation qualifications and Advisory Board ensure that participants inherently possess laser focused experience and an elite level of knowledge, authority and status to be considered a trusted authority in the industry. Participation can help broaden perspective and provides a safe environment where members can discuss issues privately among themselves.

We invite participants who are widely recognized as reliable sources of specific knowledge in the industries they serve.

Time – An Executives Most Precious Commodity

One of the most important benefits of our Centers of Excellence is that they are not structured to require physical meetings. Our philosophy demonstrates our  understanding of the importance of each member’s unique perspective.  Our private network is structured with access in mind. Members can collaborate with the right individual because each understands what they can contribute and have pre-determined their level of participation in advance.

Our members save time and energy by gaining access to focused curated and vetted expertise when they need it. We have spent several years constructing a peer-reviewed and approved group of experts and thought leaders in each space. Quick access to other members is the key to saving valuable time and energy. Our curated protocol allows for access without having to worry about overreaching or being continuously approached by other members. We have created the perfect balance of access, knowledge, and benefits for incredibly discerning executives.