Centers of Excellence
wiSource Industry Focus

Centers of Excellence

The following are our ongoing innovation Centers of Excellence:

  • Retail & eRetail Payments
  • Automotive Payments and Technology
  • Professional Services Payments
  • Construction Payments
  • Logistics Payments and Transactions
  • Manufacturing Payments
  • Distributors Payments
  • Aviation Industry Payments
  • Hospitality Payments and Technology

A Vision of Excellence

We are designing a better innovation model.

The Center of Excellence Concept

Incorporating a specialized focus on payments and credit card systems, each Center of Excellence serves as an innovative hub that aggregates world-class talent, technologies, and methodologies. These centers are designed to address intricate challenges unique to specific industry sectors, including the rapidly evolving landscape of payment solutions and credit card technologies. They act as catalysts, attracting top-tier experts to form a community of specialized professionals who share a common vision for industry advancement.

By assembling a dynamic mix of individuals from diverse geographical locations, we work collaboratively to identify critical gaps in the industry—especially in the realm of payments and credit card systems. These collaborative efforts take shape in our state-of-the-art Labs including the Payments Lab, where data-driven analysis, development, and continuous solution-identification take place. Here, we explore cutting-edge approaches to complex issues, ranging from payment security protocols to frictionless transaction experiences.

Our initiative is focused on driving innovation in key sectors like payments and credit card infrastructure. We carefully curate a collaborative space where the primary goal is not just knowledge-sharing but pioneering next-level solutions to address the industry’s most urgent challenges. In this dynamic ecosystem, the emphasis is on transformative product development that sets new benchmarks for excellence.