The AI Lab
A wiSource Research Section

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The AI Lab (Artificial Intelligence Lab) at the wiSource Innovation Think Tank for Leading Executives brings together the industry’s top thought leaders and subject matter experts in Artificial Intelligence. 

Human-AI Interactions Group

  • Improve a humans interaction with AI
  • Improve the way employees at companies use AI today to solve problems
  • Study how executives can incorporate AI into their workflow in the most effective way possible.
  • Decide when AI is appropriate or when it’s absolutely critical to a company’s viability

We Focus On Defining AI Application & Business Use Cases

Together we discuss new trends in AI applications and how they will affect business models in the immediate future. We also come together and create an elite consultancy for member companies benefit.  Top executives from the leading edge AI developers help companies understand new trends and the best way to begin the process of envisioning AI in their organizations. Our group helps mid-size and large privately and publicly held companies begin the though process in potential AI solutions and future directions. We bring leaders in the AI field together with business professionals to map a pathway for potential AI integration.

Membership and participation in this is by invitation only

The AI Lab is restricted to leading AI developers and industry veterans with documented accomplishment and tenured positions within their organization.  Members are invited from academia, advisory groups and top developers. The lab also consists of several participating executive members who provide input and valuable insights.

  • AI Evolutionary Strategies
  • Business Use Cases & Needed Solutions
  • Potential AI Solutions
  • Current AI Applications
  • AI Roll-Out Risks
  • AI Development Platforms