The wiSource Sports & Entertainment Center of Excellence

Sports & Entertainment Center of Excellence™

The Sports & Entertainment Center of Excellence™

Each wiSource Center of Excellence brings together Leading Executives from some of the industry’s top companies, each a subject matter expert and thought leader helping to explore the unique challenges of each industry or enterprise segment and the potential solutions that are currently missing. 

Together the members of our wiSource Centers of Excellence explore gaps in the sphere of processes and other unique challenges that might lend themselves to innovative solutions that the wiSource Think Tank may bring together. Each Center of Excellence will identify the challenges or gaps, then help define critical use cases where a solution is needed.

Top executives from enterprise help our solution development Labs to understand new trends and opportunities and the best way to utilize new science, technology, processes, solutions, or use case models and options. Our Centers analyzes enterprise real-world challenges  to identify the most value from potential ecosystem solutions. Our unique model helps rapidly identify corporate challenges and needed solutions, and work with our wiSource Labs to fully identify needed solutions that can effectively reduce the search time and costs associated to find best in class solutions and tools.

Membership and participation in this is by invitation only

Each wiSource Center of Excellence is restricted to industry veterans with documented accomplishment and tenured positions within their organization and unique leading edge development companies in that space.  Members are invited from academia, advisory groups and top service providers. The Group also consists of several participating executive members who provide input and valuable insights.