The wiSource Think Tank Labs

wiSource Think Tank Labs

The wiSource Think Tank is developing a series of Labs to identify, curate, and develop unique “Best in Industry” classes of products and services to offer to their customers and members.

Each wiSource Lab will focus on a specific industry segment in the identification of specific challenges to business in that segment and to the identification and deployment of solutions. Many of these solutions will only be available through the Lap because they were developed specifically by the Think Tank members for other members and participants.

What is a wiSource Lab?

Each Lab at the wiSource Innovation Think Tank is for its participating Executives to bring together the industry’s top services by industry segment or service area as located, curated, or developed by our subject matter experts.  Together we identify new trends in each segment and how they will affect companies in the immediate future. We also come together and create an elite consultancy in each subject area for member companies benefit.  Top executives from the largest providers help companies understand new trends and the best way to optimize their business processes.

Each Lab group helps mid-size and large privately and publicly held companies extract the most value from their business ecosystems. We save our clients time and valuable resources, effectively reducing their operational costs and increasing their top line revenue.

Membership and participation in each Lab is by invitation only

The Labs are restricted to industry veterans with documented accomplishment and tenured positions within their organization.  Members are invited from academia, advisory groups and top service providers. The lab also consists of several participating executive members who provide input and valuable insights.

wiSource Labs

The following Labs have been and are being developed:

  • The Payments Lab [click here] for the latest payments strategy, infrastructure and evolution
  • The Loyalty Lab
    for loyalty and marketing solutions
  • The Security Lab
    for security and surveillance solutions
  • The Finance Lab
    for new generation finance and funding solutions
  • The Venture Lab
    for new ventures and start-up innovation
  • The Founders Lab
  • for Private Equity, Family Office, FB, and Entrepreneurs