The wiSource Story

An Innovation Think Tank for Leading Executives

wiSource manage one of North America’s largest invitation-only corporate network of industry-centric executives and elite subject matter experts.

wiSource executive communities, provide curated communication among industry peers.

Our communities consist of “best in class” expertise across multiple business domains. Our unique partnerships with world-class companies bring industry executives advanced innovation, best practice modeling and proprietary industry research from some of the world’s most trusted brands.

wiSource Provides executives, innovators and elite subject matter experts a private platform for connections, intelligence, and knowledge transfer while maintaining a simple protocol designed for time and resource-challenged Enterprise and Midmarket Leaders.

We are a cross-domain organization, working within 15+ industry Centers of Excellence. You could spend several hours a week researching and compiling the things that make waves in your industry or you could speak with us and we bring you those things every time we speak.

In our private conversations with our members, we bring the ability to make connections with other executives from across every region or across the country. We spend countless hours building relationships that can benefit our members instantly.

Over the last decade, wiSource executive communities have provided hundreds of middle market and enterprise executives early access to some of the world’s most innovative technology. Our members are privy to best practice strategies architected by highly specialized experts and industry leaders from world-class organizations.

We facilitate private and curated peer introductions at precisely the right time. In addition, wiSource sponsors several important studies each year including our Trends and Technology study in each Center of Excellence and we make the findings available to our members. We also maintain a Thought Leader & Influencer Map specific to each industry.

Bring expert relationships to your organization and experience the advantage of collaborating with laser-focused expertise. Our programs in partnership with world-class innovative brands provide the blueprints that fast track innovation when companies need it most.